About SIDK

What exactly is Shit I Didn’t Know?

Shit I Didn’t Know, or SIDK for short, is a site where we dive deep into questions like “What is money?”, “Does the Federal Reserve actually control interest rates?”, or my personal favorite, “Is time linear?”

Sounds weird, but okay.

So come join me, TP, as I re-learn my way through the universe. Hopefully you’ll learn some things along the way too. In an effort to stay as open-minded as possible, I’m going to explore some weird topics, while hopefully maintaining a degree of rationality (but TBD on that):

weird / rational

No topics are off the table. I’ll talk about quantum physics, mushrooms, nutrition, economics, and anything else that ignites my neurons.

Sounds weird…who are you?

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What the critics are saying:

TP & SIDK are like a shittier version of Tim Urban & Wait But Why.

The key to enjoying SIDK is low expectations.

It was weird, but I think I liked it.

What’s the point of all of this?

Hopefully, reading SIDK will do the same thing for you that it does for me – each and every day SIDK reminds me that I don’t know nearly as much as I think I do, and the more I learn, the more clueless I realize I am.

So, if you’re up for it, I’d love for you to join me on this journey.

I’ve also put together a few good starter articles for you on SIDK and a list of non-SIDK recommendations that hopefully you’ll find are, as Terence McKenna would say, rational in confrontation with the weird edges:

  • Antifragile - Nicholas Nassim TalebIf you've never read Antifragile or heard of Nassim Taleb, you must get this book. If there's one book on this list that everyone needs to read, it's this one. Taleb even invented the word 'Antifragile'.
  • The Fourth Turning – Neil Howe & William StraussThink things are crazy in the world right now? This book helps make sense of what's happening because they saw it coming.
  • Man's Search For Meaning - Victor FranklWhen I first picked up Man's Search For Meaning, I knew it was about Nazis, concentration camps, and finding meaning. However, it is so much more. If you're trying to figure out what to do with your life or how to find meaning in your life, read this.
  • How to Change Your Mind - Michael PollanIf you've never read anything about psychedelics (other than on SIDK), start with this book. It's a narrative of Michael Pollan taking his first *real* trips on psychedelics and his immense amount of research along the way.
  • Brave New World - Aldous HuxleyAldous Huxley is a fantastic author, whose predictions over the years have become eerily true. It's the kind of book everyone should re-read occasionally to remind ourselves that government control isn't always exerted through guns.

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