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  • 🧙‍♂️ Harry Potter & The Fourth Turning

    Last time I was at Hogwarts, I got to sneak a peek at the Sorting Hat. You know, the hat that goes on each student's head while the student is like...

  • 🕵️ Is the Great Pyramid built on a house of sand?

    What began as an innocent conversation while bowling with some friends, ended in a slide down a rabbit hole much deeper than I could have ever expected. I had never read much about the Pyramids of Giza or ancient civilizations due solely to a lack of interest...

  • ✏️ Quantum Eraser of Time

    Newtonian physics lead us to believe that being the most highly developed intelligence on our planet meant that we could design experiments to test our world objectively. We, the evolved...

  • 🌎 Plato: Beyond The Physical

    In The Republic, Plato tells a story that, if given enough weight, will shake you to your core. In his Allegory of the Cave, Plato paints a world where humans are shackled by handcuffs in a cave...

  • 🌊 Quantum Entanglement Is F*cking Nuts

    For me, 5th grade science class was a constant struggle. Completely mentally exhausting. It became nearly impossible to focus on my school work when, for the first time in my life, Lucy was ALL I thought about...